Submit Your Design Specifications 

Step 1: Contact us by completing the form below, calling 989-401-4477 or emailing angel@faithmonuments.com.

Step 2: Customize Your Memorial with Us and Receive a Customized CAD Drawing by Email
Once you contact us, we will follow up with you to discuss the design specifics for the memorial you are ordering.  These specifics include color, size, wording, granite quality, and price. When the specifics of your memorial design have been defined, we will create a customized CAD (Computer-Aided Design) drawing of your memorial and a purchase order for you. Both the CAD drawing and purchase order will be emailed to you. To approve the CAD drawing, print the drawing, sign it and send the signed copy to us. You can send the signed drawing approval to us by USPS or email. Email angel@faithmonuments.com, or mail to 5740 Bay Road, Saginaw MI 48604.

Step 3: Receive a Memorial Price Quote and Approve Your Order
Along with the CAD drawing you receive by email, you will also receive a purchase order with a price quote for your memorial. Print and sign it to approve the purchase order. You can then send the signed purchase order, or a copy, to us by mail or email. Email angel@faithmonuments.com, or mail to 5740 Bay Road, Saginaw MI 48604.

Step 4: Pay for Your Memorial Order
Once you approve the purchase order and CAD drawing, it is time to pay for the memorial. You can mail a payment with your CAD drawing and purchase order approval or pay by credit card over the phone.  You can make specific payment arrangements during the ordering process.

Step 5: Schedule Memorial Delivery or Installation
Work with Angel Leach during the ordering process to make arrangements to have the memorial delivered to your home or installed in your cemetery.

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