Arrange Your Own Memorial In Advance

Planning Ahead for Peace of Mind and Remove Burden From Loved Ones

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Selecting your memorial and cemetery lot before the need arises will help ease the confusion, stress, and burden from our loved ones. By planning in advance, you are able to choose the style, size, color, artwork, and inscription. Pre-planning allows you to make decisions at a time of peace, not a time of grief. Let us guide you through pre-planning today.

Have You Considered Every Detail?
As difficult as it can be, we all need to face our mortality. Funeral pre-planning is something you might wish to avoid thinking about, but facing your mortality in such a direct way can actually give you peace of mind. We are ready to assist you in this process.

You may have already thought about some of your final wishes. You may have already made your will. Perhaps you have purchased a cemetery plot and already selected a casket. Or you may have made your wishes known that you want to be cremated.

Some people have given every detail considerable thought. They have selected favorite scriptures or hymns for their memorial service. All of these choices are part of your funeral pre-planning.
However, one detail you might not have thought about is your monument or memorial.
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Let Us Help You Choose a Design
Decisions are difficult to make in the midst of grief. If you wish to spare your loved ones from the stress of planning your memorial service, you won’t want to leave this decision for them to make either. We will walk you through each step of the design process so that your monument or memorial will be a lasting tribute to your life.

We will help you decide whether you would prefer a monument or a memorial. We can show you the variety of granite colors as well as styles of monument shapes and sizes. We will also assist you with every detail of lettering styles and images that can be etched into the stone.

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Funeral pre-planning is a compassionate choice that lifts the burden of making decisions for your loved ones. When you are ready, we will be ready to offer you any assistance you need in making this most personal and sensitive decision.
Call us for an appointment. If you need, we can even come to you for a consultation. We will give you our undivided attention and all the time you need.

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