A Few Of Our Local Cemeteries

The City of Saginaw and the surrounding area offer over a dozen cemeteries for your loved one’s final resting place. Some cemeteries are privately owned, while others are municipally owned or owned by religious faiths.

Regardless of the ownership, you want your loved one’s final resting place to be a place of peacefulness and beauty. You also want a cemetery that is located nearby to allow you to visit frequently.

Faith Monuments will work with you not only to provide a gravestone that expresses the unique life of your loved one but also meets the requirements of the cemetery of your choice to ensure that your design will be approved.

To assist you with determining your loved one’s resting place, we are providing this directory of local cemeteries in and around Saginaw. Watch for additional entries as we expand the directory.
Forest lawn

Forest Lawn Cemetery

Cem1550 1503469394 medium

Roselawn Memorial Gardens

Bench carved stones cemetery 257360 small min

St. Andrews Cemetery

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